Eastman School of Music, presents World Music Series - featuring Okaidja Afroso

- Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

OKAIDJA AFROSO, VOCAL, GUITAR, PERCUSSION, DANCE  -  with Maputo Mensah and Fiaindratovo Manavihare, vocal and percussion. Tuesday, March 22, 2022 Hatch Recital Hall 7:30 PM.
Okaidja Afroso was born into a family of musicians and storytellers in the village of Kokrobite on the west coast of Ghana. He began his career as a dancer with the celebrated Ghana Dance Ensemble. As he toured internationally Okaidja expanded his artistic reach becoming a master multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and arranger.


Okaidja’s first album, The Traditionalist, is his raw and emotional interpretation of the folkloric songs he grew up singing. His second album, Obutu Apla, ventures away from the strictly traditional and it was heavily influenced by Okaidja’s inquiry into the African Diaspora.

Okaidja’s career shifted as he began to do extensive research into the connections between Ghanaian music and the music of the African Diaspora. Out of this passionate inquiry, his band Okaidja & Shokoto was formed. Through Shokoto, Okaidja created music that draws from multiple cultural influences from the past and the present. The result was a dynamic fusion of traditional and contemporary African rhythms with the diverse music of the African Diaspora. After dancing and playing percussion for so many years, Okaidja followed his soul’s calling and taught himself how to play the guitar. He spent countless hours trying to give voice to all melodies in his head through this new medium.

By learning completely on his own, through his relentless desire to play his unique style of music, he inadvertently created a guitar style that is so distinct that many accomplished guitarists tell him to avoid formal training so he does not lose his pure, inimitable sound. The guitar brought out a different sound and inspired Okaidja to write songs unlike anything he had created before. His album, Messenger, reflects the journey that he has been on as a messenger, carrying communication between the traditional world of his native homeland and the contemporary landscape of this modern-day.

Okaidja’s songs tell the stories of his people and follow their journeys through the disparate lands where they were scattered. It is an album that speaks to the soul. In 2017 Okaidja released his album, The Palm Wine Sea, which brings together the deep understanding of Okaidja’s own musical transitions and the inspiration of Africa throughout Latin America. The music of The Palm Wine Sea is the music of the human experience. It is joyous, tragic, and uplifting. It embodies the vast perfect/imperfect shared human story.